Vendetta Auto Garage Company exemplifies the seamless integration of tradition and innovation in the automotive industry.


Pixtar was entrusted with translating our passion for precision car painting into a captivating digital platform. We relied on Pixtar to not only capture the essence of our expertise but also to craft a seamless and engaging website that reflects our commitment to automotive excellence.


Pixtar undertook comprehensive branding work for Vendetta, starting with the creation of a distinctive logo that encapsulated the company's identity. Additionally, Pixtar designed eye-catching flyers, standees, and business cards that effectively conveyed Vendetta's professionalism and expertise in car painting services.


UI/UX Design

Pixtar developed a dynamic and user-friendly website for Vendetta Auto Garage Company. The website showcased Vendetta's services, including interior and exterior painting for all types of cars, with detailed descriptions and high-quality images. Integration of interactive features allowed customers to easily request quotes and schedule appointments.

Pixtar's collaboration with Vendetta Auto Garage Company resulted in a successful digital transformation. The website and branding materials not only enhanced Vendetta's online presence but also positioned them as a leader in car painting services. Through strategic web development and branding, Pixtar helped Vendetta attract new customers and drive business growth in the competitive automotive market.

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