Pakhi’s is a testament to the enchanting blend of heritage & modernity that the Middle East represents.


"Pakhi's" presents a luxurious and sustainable handwash collection inspired by the enchanting charm of the Middle East. Our handcrafted formulations are meticulously designed to unveil the secrets of nourished and rejuvenated skin. Each product embodies a unique blend of tradition, innovation, and care, providing an unparalleled sense of luxury to your everyday self-care routine.

Project Objectives:

Creating an online platform for Pakhi's premium hand wash collection, emphasizing UAE's cultural and sensory aspects.

We aim to develop a user-friendly, mobile-responsive website for an enhanced online shopping experience.

Furthermore, the platform will convey the brand's commitment to high quality, sustainability, and affordability.


In shaping the branding strategy for "Pakhis," our approach involved a thorough exploration of the agency's identity. Through in-depth consultations and market analysis, we crafted a distinctive brand narrative and visual identity aligned with Pakhis' core values. The result is a sophisticated and resonant brand image, strategically positioned to leave a lasting impression on its audience. Our commitment to precision, creativity, and strategic thinking underscores the success of this collaborative endeavor, contributing to Pakhis' emergence as a distinguished entity within its industry


The visual design of the website embodies the essence of luxury and the mystique of the Middle East.

Color Schemes:

Rich and opulent color palettes reflective of the cultural richness of the Middle East.


Elegant and legible fonts to enhance readability and convey a sense of sophistication.


High-quality, curated visuals showcasing the hand wash collection and the cultural inspiration behind each variant.

Product Design

In crafting the product design for "Pakhis," we seamlessly blended creativity and functionality. Our approach, rooted in the agency's vision, resulted in a distinct hand wash collection that embodies the premium quality and cultural essence of the UAE. Through thoughtful ideation and design iterations, each product within Pakhis' collection speaks to the brand's commitment to excellence, reflecting qualities of quality, sustainability, and affordability. This collaborative effort establishes Pakhis as a standout brand, resonating with the discerning tastes of its audience.


UI/UX Design

Branding is a strategic dance of logos, colors, and more, shaping a unique identity and perception in consumers' minds. It sets a brand apart, evoking emotions and building trust.

The design and development process focused on seamlessly integrating tradition, innovation, and user-friendly functionality.

Conducted market research to understand user preferences for luxury self-care products.

Collaborated with stakeholders to define the brand identity and values.

Utilized HTML 5 and Bootstrap for a responsive and visually appealing website.

Emphasized user experience and easy navigation to facilitate a smooth browsing and shopping journey.

Technical Stack

The technological stack of Pakhi's website included:

HTML 5: Ensuring a robust and structurally sound foundation.

Bootstrap: Facilitating a responsive and mobile-friendly design.

Fully Mobile Responsive: Adapting seamlessly to various devices for an optimal user experience.

User-Friendly: Implementing intuitive navigation and user interfaces.

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